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MASSAGE - "Coby is the real deal"

I need to preface that I have been in the spa industry as a lead esthetician for almost ten years and have experienced several massage therapists-good, bad and just so-so. Many times I feel like I have been spoiled when it comes to massage services and have become very picky. Where many people don't notice the details of what makes a massage therapist great, I feel I do. With that being said, Coby is the real deal. During my massage, I was asked all the right questions at all the right times and his technique was spot-on. I love a massage that combines different types of pressure and modalities and Coby delivered that. He intuitively understood where and when to apply the perfect pressure and I felt totally comfortable and at-ease with him, which is important when you are a female, especially a pregnant one, receiving a massage from a male.

Coby is a true healer and an asset to any spa or clinic. I have since referred one of my best clients to him and she now regularly receives massages with him and feels as though he is helping her to get back to where she needs to be. Thanks Coby!

MASSAGE - helps lacrosse

I wanted to let you know that lacrosse went really well last nightafter my massage. I was feeling much looser than I typically do.

I also noticed I was concentrating more on my breathing in between plays and during other situations which I think helped a lot. 

Thanks again for everything.

COUPLES MASSAGE WORKSHOP - "most relaxed I have seen my husband"

I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful massage class tonight. I think that was the most relaxed I have seen my husband, Bill, in a long time. We are looking forward to practicing at home. We both gained a lot of confidence in massaging each other and I know Bill is much more open to massage now, in both receiving and giving.

Thanks again!
- Janelle

MASSAGE - review from a Dr. Hank

As a chiropractor, I've had the opportunity to work with and to have been worked on by a number of massage therapists. I rank Jen Merritt among the very best. She is deceptively strong and intuitive. She is reliable, friendly and can put anyone at ease. She has helped me when I've been in pain and other times, when I just needed to unwind and relax. I have no reservations recommending her, as I know anyone would be pleased with her skills and personable demeanor.

Dr. Hank Finkel, D.C.

REIKI - healing for a muscle strain

Jen, I had yoga class today (Saturday) and I am feeling pretty good, I walked over 2 miles on Thursday and I felt great.   I wanted to say thankyou for a wonderful experience, I can't tell you how much your good energy has enhanced my feeling for alternative health, I felt so good after your reiki sessions I will tell anyone that asks about your reiki, you have such nice energy and it worked so well for me. You have gained a new reiki customer for life, I will be back for more of those good feeling sessions, they are peaceful and calming. Thank you again Jennifer.

Take care, Rich

Massage - for fibromyalgia

I suffer from Fibromyalgia and it was a relief to find someone with experience dealing with that chronic disease in Philadelphia. I have been seeing Coby for about three months and he has proven to be a responsible and caring massage therapist. His massages have contributed greatly to alleviating my over active nervous system. In particular, I like the personal care he give his patients and his attentiveness to detail when it comes to my overall health. 
I highly recommend Coby. - Anonymous


I have been blessed to meet Jen and receive Reiki from her during my treatment for breast cancer. Words cannot begin to express the benefits I received from Jen and from the Reiki.

Jen has an open heart and her intention is to bring well being and wholeness to those she treats. Not only has she completed many levels of training, bringing all of this knowledge to her practice, but she also brings her deeply spiritual, heart-based being into all that she does, so that receiving Reiki via Jen is a completely holistic experience.

I would come to a treatment appointment feeling physically, emotionally and spiritually drained and would leave feeling so completely balanced and refreshed and uplifted. The loving nature of Jen and of Reiki were absolutely critical in my successful treatment of and recovery from cancer.

I am now stronger and healthier than ever and continue to enjoy Reiki to stay balanced and well.

I cannot recommend Jen Merrit more highly. Anyone who has the pleasure of being in her presence and receiving Reiki from her is truly privileged.

921 Old York Jenkintown PA 19046
 (267) 627-4162