Massage Healing at AFC                                                                 

Deep Tissue Massage
Deep tissue techniques helps to improve posture, and soften chronically tense areas such as: stiff necks, tight low backs, and sore shoulders. Schedule today, and walk away with a new sense of freedom in the body.
Therapeutic Massage
Therapeutic Massage is one of the oldest and simplest forms of medical care. Some conditions that are improved with massage include: fibromyalgia, headaches, whip lash, muscle pain, depression and anxiety. Massage also balances hormones, which can help relieve menopause symptoms, and PMS in woman.  

Prenatal Massage
Prenatal Massage helps mommy-to-be adjust to her quickly changing body. It balances hormones, and helps soothe low back pain. As well the increased circulation reduces swelling in legs, ankles, and feet.

Thai Massage
Thai Massage has all the benefits of a deep tissue massage and stretching combined. As you relax and breath, the body is passively stretched and massaged into a blissful state. Everyone, of any stature, or flexibility level, can completely relax, and enjoy Thai Massage. 
Reiki Energy Healing
Harmonize your body through an ancient form of healing called Reiki. The bodys most fundamental healing force is within the vital energy that flows thru every cell and molecule. The most subtle blockage in your energy field can result in chronic physical or emotional disease. Reiki helps to identify and clear those blockages, balancing your bodys own innate ability to heal.
Synchronized Massage
Surrender the mind in a creative flowing four handed massage. Here you may combine, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Therapeutic Massage and/or Reiki. The synergistic movement of four hands naturally calms the thoughts allowing the body to deeply relax and truly be in a receiving state.
Massage Services
Swedish Massage
Float away in a dreamy state of relaxation. This healing touch naturally strengthens the immune system while melting away tension and stress. The lighter loving strokes create a sense of security, allowing the mind and body to relax completely.
Sports Massage
Sports Massage uses deep massage strokes to prepare an individual for intense exercise or to reduce soreness after exercise. Helping to increase flexibility, it can be used to prevent injury and treat past injuries.  The technique is tailored to help improve the sport that you play.  

Couples Massage Workshop - Learn Massage!
Emotional Freedom Technique
Learn a technique you can take home and imediatly apply to your life to improve health, physically mentally and emotionally.  Emotional Freedom Technique, aka EFT, combines exercises to balance the two hemispheres of the brain with tapping on meridians or acupressure points.  It is a powerful tool for stress relief, quieting smoking, losing weight, changing negative beliefs and creating emotional healing.  Especially helpful for anxiety and other emotional disorders.  

Learn to give and receive the powerful healing touch of massage. We will discuss a variety of massage techniques and the best approaches to help each other, so that you can give without becoming tired or hurting your hands.  How many times have you tried to massage your loved one and five minutes later your hands are tired and achy, or your shoulders start complaining?  After this training you will learn proper body mechanics, techniques to help center yourself and create a peaceful environment for relaxation. You will learn a variety of massage techniques from flowing swedish and deep tissue techniques to rhythmic stretching. And the best part is you will both actually get to give and receive an hour massage. 

Chair Massage for the workplace and special events
Chair Massage
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Massage Incentive

For over 12 years we have been offering quality care for our corporate clients. We design and implement wellness programs to inspire, motivate, and educate employees through mind and body wellness programs.  

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